Rakhi with Khakhi @ Saki Naka Police station

The Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers and the Rotaract Club of Sinhagad College came together to celebrate Rakhi with Khaki at the Saki Naka Police Station. This heartwarming event showcased the strong bond between our community and the police force.

Members of both clubs, along with local residents, gathered to tie rakhi threads onto the wrists of our dedicated police officers. Beyond the tradition, it was a gesture of appreciation and solidarity, reminding our officers that they have our support.

The event was filled with joy, laughter, and heartfelt conversations, reaffirming the importance of community unity. As we exchanged rakhi and sweets, we strengthened our commitment to working together for a safer and more harmonious community.

This celebration of Rakhi with Khaki is a tradition we cherish and will continue to foster in the years ahead. It reflects our shared values of love, unity, and mutual respect in building a safer and stronger community.

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