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I am a proud LAKER. And when preparing for this moment, I wondered what does being a Laker mean to me. It took me back in time. In the year 2009 when I decided to be part of this GANG, if I may call it that, I just didn’t know what to expect !!! I joined a bunch of people who wanted to make a difference. They did not know what my skills where, how could I help? But they welcomed me, and I listened to my heart, plunged in and gave the group the best of me.
Did I feel how will I get along with such diverse group of people….. I did?
Did I feel that the group had mad ideas…. I did?
Did I feel how are they going to pull off a fund-raiser like MDN or RPR… I did?

Yet standing here today in front of you I feel very happy, proud, and satisfied that I made that choice. What I got has been a feeling of immense joy, participating in projects, fund raiser. Even though I have not seen the end beneficiary in each and every project. I gave my 100% to make the projects happen. I know I have contributed to making a big difference and have stories to tell about each project.

I am sure each one of us Lakers has a story to share, and each one of us believes that we have the power to make a difference by being part of this wonderful journey called Lakers!

Thank You
Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers is a wonderful legacy on which we keep building every year. I would like to sincerely thank all the past presidents who have put the club together brick by brick. My special thanks to Eakta and her Board who put Lakers at the Pinnacle of the Pratham year. Eakta herself has raised the bar for hard work, and for leading by example.
Rotary – The Wonderful Legacy
We are part of another wonderful legacy – the Rotary movement. Today, in the span of 8 years, we Lakers have become so strong, systematic only because of the Rotary framework and traditions. Processes in Rotary are so robust that they help clubs function better and create vision.

The District plays a very important in shaping us. We look forward to the guidance from our DG Prafulji, support from our AG anishji and each and every member of the District Core team so aptly called Hum Hain na to help us keep scaling new heights.

Rotary too keeps changing to keep up with times. We Lakers consistently gave feedback like why restrict meetings to Thursdays? Why not count project attendance? Rotary International has incorporated this feedback. Prafullji also has made many changes at the District level, as we can see the format change today, no head table, no flowers, stick to time, transparency. We free-spirited Lakers breathe easier!
We are Evolving
We need to keep evolving. We sought your feedback through the membership survey It has given us theme for the STAR year– eamwork, Fun and Commitment.
Work + Fun – The Lakers trademark
We all work better together because we enjoy being together. The Laker trademark is fun and bonding. We already know this, hence My BOD and I seek your solemn commitment to
(Slide on commitments)
• Attend at least one meeting each month
• Attend 75% of the events
• Join at least 1 project
• And most important be part of 1 project with family. It has made immense difference to me, you try it and see
The more we participate, the more we will meet and bond, and more we will enjoy working together.

The Board
To lead all these projects is my BOD which is made up of STARS. And the biggest STAR of them all is the TEAM! (Slide Star BOD)
We will be continuing to do most of the projects we did in Eakta’s year. The list of projects that we plan to do is very long. Due to paucity of time, I will mention a few now, the rest you will be able to see when my Board is getting pinned.

– Director Medical Lubaina Little hearts Surgeries – We have an innovative system for supporting the Little Heart Surgeries. Rather than allocating funds for 10 surgeries in the year, we use this fund for any child who is waiting for balance funds for the surgery.
kaam woh karte hain khyati Lakers ko milti hai. I would like to make a special mention of a couple and specially to our Mother Teresa. Natasha and Parth. They give everything time, energy, pre and post counseling, convincing donors, to make sure that the kids get the surgeries. I have understood the true meaning of SERVICE ABOVE SELF from them. Request all to put your hands ogether for them.

– Director Non Medical Palvi will work closely with partner NGOs and Girl child education. We have partners From Vidya Ansuya Bannerjee, Geeta Thakker – Director Vocational Archana Singh will be in charge of Vocational Center at Panch Kutir Powai – Director Youth Shraboni with work with Rotracts and Interacts and all projects involving Youth. We have with us.

  • From Rotaract Club of Chandrabhan Sharma College Vice Principal Pratima Singh and co ordinator Umesh Kabadi
  • From Rotaract Club of S M Shetty College co ordinator John Menezes
  • From Rotaract Club of Singhad College of Commerce Principal Ritika Hemdev
  • From Interact Club of Singhad Spring Dale School Principal Shweta Batra .
    Thank you for being with us today

– Director International Jyoti will get us Global grant for little heart surgeries
– Director PR Vikram Swroop has a PR plan in place and will ensure all Laker projects get visibility
– TRF Chair Mukesh Shah will be looking at contribution we plan to The Rotary Foundation
– Rotary Sewa Abhiyaan Chairman Abhay Desai will front the projects put together by the district team. RSA ensures that it is easy for clubs to do the projects as they package all the detailing of the projects which makes execution of the projects easier.
– Chairman Narayan will work on projects in the Thrust area with special emphasis on Recycle and Reuse
– Director Membership Parul has identified Bonding as the Theme of the year and getting quality members is her goal
– Director Club Service Nilu will take care of Fun –right from Installation to Shukriya
– Last but not the least The Powai Run. What gets all Lakers going, we will be rolling our sleeves up by next week to start work on it
The ALL Important – Four way test
For our Star BOD, the “Four way test” will be the touchstone in all that we do (Pic of BOD (all together and 4-way test appears alongside).

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Our Commitment
We commit to three things –
– 1. We commit to transparency

  • Right from the first President Elect’s meeting at the District in Feb 2016, Prafullji has been emphasising the importance of transparency.Till date after all the district events the P&L has been circulated to all Star Presidents. Treasurer Sunil has committed we will do that same for all Laker events too

– 2. We commit to being open to your feedback and ideas
– 3. We commit to involving and reaching out to all
Our measure for a successful year – Get all Lakers, their spouses and children involved. With the support of my Board esp Radhika, I know this will be possible.

My special thanks.
Special thank you to my mummy and pappa who are here today for my special day. They have brought me up to be who I am today. Thank you Aayush – joy of my life, in some ways the reason for the start of my journey with Lakers and DEFY. Thank you Sandeep – my friend, philosopher, guide! And thanks to all my first family, my friends and well-wishers.
As I look ahead to the coming year I wonder how will I do my appraisal at the end of the year. I should be able to stand in front of the mirror and feel it right in my heart that I MADE A DIFFERENCE.

Proud to be a Laker